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notes string quartet

mei 13, 2010

So I made a drawing which will be the fundament of my piece. In the conservatory libraray I read through some string quartets to find information which I will maybe use in my composition. I found:

1) Janacek, quartet I. : con sordino combined with mf. After a while stopped by using the note senza sord. G.P. meaning general pause. Eight notes in tremolo. They must be played piano. Above the notes he writes sul ponticello. These tremolo’s will also appear mp and mf. After a while the word ‘naturale’ is used to indicate tremolo’s are out.  Janacek uses words like risoluto, pesante & marcatissimo.

2) Philip Glass, quartet 4: dotted measure line to make the division 2 – 3 in the 5/4 time easier to read. Tremolo’s with crescendo.

3) Bartok, quartet 4: triple stops in short note values, forte pesante. He uses quite some glissandi. Between pizz and arco passages there are rests. Bartok combines sul pont. with pp. Note: sul pont. is written above the staff. Tremolo’s on double stops. He writes espr. here and there. Snap pizz. forte. He uses double stop appogiatura’s.

4) Britten, quartet 2: glissando upwards.

More to come another day………………………..


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