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american music

juni 1, 2010

This morning, the class (I am studying composition Master-program) had a tentamen about American music. Although memorizing facts is not my hobby, it brought me something. I would never have remembered a word like ‘metric modulation’ (the pulse changes, therefore the tempo changes) if I did not have to study for this exam. Where can I get information about composition techniques? In future, I want to keep developing and trying out new ways of composing. Yesterday I thought about the idea if it would be necessary to invent techniques. It seems all great composers invented something! For example Milton Babbitt worked with pitch class, William Schuman with superimposition. Later that evening I decided it would be strange to start with making up something for the sake of making up. It is best to maintain composing, melodical and lyrical, incorporating 21th century techniques. If something new comes up that would be great, otherwise it will stay with good composing.


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