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ballet performance

juni 13, 2010

Recently, I played the piano in two ballet performances organized by Ballet School Bunnik. it was held in theater The Flint in Amersfoort. Indeed, again I noticed that playing a song ‘The Rose’ with improvising around the notes and trying to be delicate in finding new chord treatment, is what I like best. In the same show I played some piano pieces by Chopin. This is not my main fun. There are so many pianists who are excellent in Chopin playing. What could I add to that?  Of course I had a great time. Ballet is a love which will stay as side subject in my life. Yet, you never know. There might always be this chance, a ballet company will ask me to compose a piece for them which becomes a succes. Like we say in Judaism ‘You need to dream to be a realist.’


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