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Black Bells

juni 13, 2010

Yesterday, I performed on the carillon of Monnickendam. It is said to be the oldest carillon of the Netherlands (and perhaps of the world). This instrument sounds totally out of tune but I always like to play there. Perhaps five times per year I replace the carillon player of Monnickendam. What I like about the instrument is the fact that is has only has two octaves. ‘Black’ keys are not there except for one Bflat and one F#.  Therefore, I play melodies in C,F,G major and a minor with chord symbols. Just improvising  a little bit around the melody-notes but not too much since it would sound too massive. Suddenly, I come to a great title for a new carillon piece!! ‘Black Bells’ for upper keys only. I will definitely compose a piece for this!!


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