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ballet pieces

augustus 21, 2010

This moment, I am composing three piano pieces for ballet. Jaap Blokdijk, teacher of the Ballet School of Schagen gave me the commission. There are some restrictions. Each piece should not exceed 1 minute in duration. The melody has to be derived from Sleeping Beauty by Tchaikovski. Moreover, the first movement has to be in 6/8 time, second in 3/4 time and the last movement in 2/4 time. The first two movements (a tarantella and waltz) I could finish already. From tomorrow, I will work on a polka. I love to make these pieces. The restrictions combined with the fact the music should be for nine year old girls make it a fairly difficult assignment to fulfill. Dissonances are almost forbidden I’d say and some humour has to be in. One very interesting moment occured when I finished the first version of the waltz. I composed it at the computer. Something did not feel right. When I played it at the piano I could feel the motorical gestures were not pianistic (is that a word?) enough. It did not come from the piano so to speak. Of course it took me some hours to make it fit much better. A question would be if a composer must be able to play the instrument he/she is composing for? In this case it made all the difference. If I would have a chance to study about composing for ballet in a school f.e. as a postgraduate course in a conservatory that would be so wonderful! But maybe first I should start working on my polka….


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