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Le Lis Des Vallees

december 25, 2010

This moment, I am composing a song for soprano, flute, clarinet, violin, viola and cello.
At the end of January, I will send this piece in to participate in a composition contest. Today, I finished the draft and started to feel confident it will become a beautiful piece.
It took some time to get an idea. Solutions are usually simpler than expected. After deep thinking I concluded ‘notes go up and down.’ What an amazing thought of me!
A line goes down and then up whereas another line would go up and then down. Shove those two into each other and you’ll end up with a Magen David which is generally better known as the Shield of David.
So now, I needed a measure. 15/16 time would be very fine. Three groups of three sixteenths notes and three of two sixteenth make 15 in total. The division of the bar is not without meaning. Nine plus six is in Judaism the way of avoiding to spell the Name in numbers.
But how about a text? Since my favorite Bible Book is the Song of Songs, the choice was easily made. Chapter II verse 10 starts with Lève toi, ma bien-aimée, ma belle, viens. Verse 13 ends with the same words. It will bring me an ABA form. The lines in between 10 and 13 will be in the middle of my song. It will be in French this time. There is no specific reason for that although….. probably everybody gets in a romantic mood while hearing French.
As a coda, I will use the first line of chapter II: Je suis le narcisse de Saron, le lis des vallées. This ‘Le Lis De Vallees’ will be the title of the piece.
I want to communicate something by putting the first line of the chapter at the end of my song. He says he wants to bring her to a wonderful place because she is so wonderful. In the end she concludes that she agrees with him she is wonderful. I travel a lot with trains, busses and so on. If I would hear a boy/girl saying to somebody that she/he is so wonderful then I would be enormously happy. Finally somebody understands my music!!


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