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Seider 5772

april 11, 2012

The Seider (opening of Pesach) last Saturday evening was special. The new haggadah (book for use at Seider), published by Beit ha’Chidush, has been used for the first time. This book contains new and well known melodies, kavanot and of course the question Mah nishtana halaila hazeh mikol haleilot? (why is this night different from all other nights?). In the train to Amsterdam I read an interview in the NIW of this week with Renee Citroen and Simone IJben, the editors of the haggadah. For me, it seems an informative and easy to read article.
I was pleased with the interpretation by Corinne Falch of my melodies and was happy to hear my hineini is well ingeburgerd (although we are not allowed to eat burgers this week being chameets). One lady came to me at the end of Seider to give a compliment. Never underestimate the value of a compliment I always think. It is the fuel to keep on going. Photo’s were made by Bob Newmark and Christopher McKnight. One of them can be found on top of this aricle showing Loek Lufting (violin) and me (piano) playing Mendelssohn during the search of the affikoman by the children.

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