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Academic Master

oktober 19, 2012

I just came home from a trip to Belgium. Yesterday, I subsrcibed to the academic master study of composition at the Lemmens Institute in Leuven. Although I did a professional master in Utrecht in 2010 I always felt the aspect of research was missing. In this year, research on Jewish music, writing a dissertation and composing a portfolio of Jewish compositions will be the focus. The idea behind it is to get the dissertation on such a high level so a Ph.D at the KU Leuven could be considered. In the train I could look into a dissertation on imitation and emulation by Piet Swerts which I borrowed from Carl van Eyndhoven, dean at the Lemmens. This book ‘Imitatio et Aemulatio’ brings research and composing together. The first part tells about the practice in Renaissance where composers would imitate their predecessor and trying to compete and innovate by composing new pieces based on their predecessors works/melodies. In the second part contemporary music and compositions of the author, Piet Swerts, are analysed. Appearantly there was a project attached to it where collegue composers were asked to deliver pieces based on the imitation and emulation principle. In the second book all these compositions were incorporated. It is a high standard and most interesting work Piet Swerts did. What it brings to me is the realization that I have to read, read and read. Make a bibliography of 100 books. Besides, since my topic will be Jewish music, I want to meet highly interesting people like chazzanim and tseliach tseburim in the Netherlands and abroad. I found a link of the Reserach Center of Jewish Music (JMRC) which shall bring titles to consider: http://www.jewish-music.huji.ac.il/thesaurusc8d1.html?cat=1&in=0 (Bibliographical database of JMRC).

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  1. Piet Swerts: Imitatio et Aemulation, Zodiac Editions, Leuven 2011. Book I (reserach): 263 pages. Book II (compositions): 179 pages

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