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Summer Workshop Carillon

juli 20, 2014


Yesterday, I gave a Carillon Summer Workshop in Amersfoort.
Three of the participants (Ties Wagensveld/Iman Merison & Loke Tegelberg) are musicians from a jazz ensemble called MainstreamJazz. Also Hans Schimmel (organist) and Jens Brandt from Sweden (who stays for a whole week to take carillon lessons with me) participated.
The programm was built from two workshops, a lecture about carillons and a carillon quiz. At the end we went up the Tower of Our Lady to give a carillon concert. Needles to say that the three jazz musicians prefered to play Jazz music at the carillon. I was impressed by their quick development (after three hours of lessons they could already perform music at the bells.
The Carillon Summer Workshop is a yearly event. If you would have interest you could have a look at: http://www.beiaardcentrum.com/cursussen-en-workshops/workshops/44-zomerworkshop
Actually, the workshop could be organized at any moment during the year. Do not hesitate to send me an e-mail about the possibilities.
Wil Dullemond (carillon student from the Erasmus University) and Andre Kukolja (collegue from Netherlands Carillon Center Amersfoort) joined the concert as well.

Video starring Loke Tegelberg


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3 reacties
  1. Really an eye-opener, this workshop, which was a birthdaypresent of my dear wife Anja. We had a great time together. Coming more?

    Ties Wagensveld

  2. I really enjoyed this workshop. Thanks to Mathie who tuned in very well to all the students so that everbody could play a piece they really like.

  3. Thanks Matthieu for a great workshop. Never thought it would be possible to play Charlie Parker on a real carillon. It was big fun!
    Iman Merison

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