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December Bells

december 20, 2015

In December there are at least three festivals for which I play the carillon. The order of this year was: 1. Sinterklaas. I played in Woerden a solo program and gave a concert with two of my carillon students from Germany namely Georg Wagner and Ariane Toffel. Georg played Sinterklaas Music from Germany.


2. After Sinterklaas came Chanukah. For Chanukah I played appropriate music at the carillon of the Erasmus University. It was a great succes and people from America wanted to use the sheet music I arranged. Off course, that was fine.

3. The third big festival was Christmas for which I gave concerts in Woerden. Moreover, I gave workshops in hanbells playing named Jingle Bells:


In between I played the carillon for the Marines in Rotterdam who had a seminar about leadership. Last but not least I played the Imperial March from Star Wars because of the movie premiere. It was a lot of fun doing all those activities and look forward to a little holiday now. Just one more concert to go:

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