Spring naar inhoud

A Summer of Bells

augustus 20, 2017

This summer led me to Spain and Germany where I could play the carillon. Special too was the chance to play the carillon of the Westertoren in Amsterdam. I entered a course by the Yale University to think about the role and function of the carillonneur in modern society. In September I will play a carillon concert in Kaunas – Lithuania. In this blog I selected some photos of this wonderful musical summer

Barcelona (Spain), mobile carillon, June 30, 2017 during the World Carillon Congress:


Amsterdam – Westertoren (the Netherlands), July 18, 2017 where I played a program built from French chansons and Italian Opera music:


Yale University – certificate course, July 22, 2017. I wanted to know more about the role and function of the carillon in modern society:


Svendborg Denmark, August 2, 2017. First Ruth and I went to Kopenhagen, after that I gave a carillon concert in Svendborg at the Vor Frue Kirke:


Wiesbaden (Germany), August 12, 2017. Ruth and I passed by the world’s biggest cuckoo-clock on our way to the Marktkirche Wiesbaden:

wiesbaden 1

wiesbaden 2

Hannover (Germany), August 13, 2017. It was a pleasure the meet Wilhelm Ritter & Frau Anke Muller who were leading workshops of carillon playing in Hannover:


Wurzburg (Germany), August 16, 2017. Wurzburg equals cities like Paris and London in beauty. I have a concert at the Neubaukirche der Universitat Wurzburg:

Wurzburg 1

Wurzburg 2

Hahnenklee (Germany), August 17, 2017, a wonderful village in the mountains of the Harz region:

Hahnenklee 1

Hahnenklee 2

Eppingen (Germany), August 27, 2017:



Kaunas (Lithuania), September 3, 2017, during the World Carillon Congress 2017     I was invited to give a concert in Kaunas in September:



Concert Kaunas

Many thanks to all Dutch, Spanish, German, Danish and Lithuanian collegeagues who invited me to give concerts at their carillons!



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